May, 1995

Not just another trip to the grocery store...

My dream is to share an incredible journey with my family. Starting at Prudhoe Bay on the Arctic Ocean, we will drive to the farthest point in South America - Ushuaia, Argentina. Although I've set our goal to travel between two distinct points, the distance is secondary. My hope is to again experience different cultures, people and natural wonders through travel. I've enjoyed traveling with Kathy, but this time my travels will include my children. Hopefully this will help them develop a real sense of the world and shape their lives as it has mine.

For the most part, everything you do in life has a purpose. For that matter even the mistakes we make have a purpose. Lately I've been thinking a lot about the purpose/reasons for this trip. I don't think I can list one or two reasons that will make it easy for someone else, let alone myself understand - why. Hopefully as the trip evolves the reasons will become evident in my travel logs.

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